Supanova Melbourne and Gold Coast

So convention season has kicked off again with us attending both Supanova Melbourne and Gold Coast! Although we were disappointed to miss out on both Perth and Adelaide Oz Comic Con (which were on the same weekends) both Supanova’s were an extreme success.

With us launching new prints from Mark Lauthier, Dave Atze and our new artists Furea and Shayne Murphy. Not only did we sell a bunch of all of our new prints but people were giving us great feedback on how much they loved them. We can’t thank everyone enough for the support they have shown us and for some more great ideas of what they would like to see. If you haven’t already you can check out some of the new prints below.

Now with a couple of months between the next few shows I am taking that time to have my honeymoon with my wife, which we have put off for over 18 months. Look forward to seeing everyone when we get back!

Sugar City Rural Convention

Oh what a day! We have just finished the first Sugar City Convention in Mackay, the first rural convention of its kind, and it was fantastic! People came from as far as Cairns to attend this awesome one day convention. With guests like Adam Nicholls, Dean Rankine and Paul Mason it’s no wonder it was such a success.

We were super busy and had a great time talking to all the attendees. They were all super grateful for us exhibiting and they showed it by purchasing a load of prints. It was also great to meet the store Managers from Kersplatt Comics and Mac’s Comics & Collectibles who both stock XCT in their stores.

We really enjoyed ourselves and it was also great to be able to take a couple of days after to enjoy the sun and relax. Let’s hope they invite us to come again next year!

Stan Lee Makes Supanova Sydney Explode!

Stan Lee arrived on Australia’s shores in his own words, for the last time, to attend Supanova Sydney and his fan’s didn’t disappoint recording the biggest ever attendance at a Supanova convention.

Although we would have loved to meet Stan unfortunately we didn’t get the chance as we had a super busy weekend recording the most amount of sales for any convention. As a consolation we did pickup our own Supanova Exclusive POP Stan Lee. We can’t thank our fan’s enough for dropping past and purchasing their favourite prints. We hope to see photos of them up on your wall.

Well we head back home tomorrow after a great weekend and look forward to doing it all again next week in Perth!!

POP Exclusive Stan Lee
POP Exclusive Stan Lee

COMICS2MOVIES Goes International

After a successful trip to New Zealand Armageddon last year we have decided to take COMICS2MOVIES international. We will be attending both Dallas Comic Con and Comicplaooza Houston in Texas to showcase some of Australia’s most talented artists and to release XCT internationally.

With over 70 prints from 10 different Australian artists and our first self-published comic we hope the American attendees enjoy our work as much as the Australian attendees do. We are not only hoping to sell a bunch of stuff and promote all our artists, but we are also hoping to pick up a bunch of exclusives to bring back to Australia for everyone as well.

Keep track of where we are and how we are going over on our Facebook page where we will be posting photos, updates and more.

See you all soon!

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We survived ARMAGEDDON!

Melbourne Armageddon is done and dusted with it being a very successful convention. We were unsure how Armageddon was going to go at the show grounds but it seems like it was a master stroke with more people attending than any other Armageddon we have been to previously. The staff was amazing and all the attendees seemed like they were having a great time. We decided to setup our table in artist alley a little different for this convention letting everyone get up close and touch the prints. We appreciated all the positive feedback around this and will continue to think of new and interesting ways to interact with our awesome fans.

Here are a few photos from the convention including the new look setup.

Now to prepare for Armageddon in Auckland, NZ. This is going to be epic!!

Some best sellers from Armageddon

Oz Comic Con Melbourne wrap up

So Oz Comic Con Melbourne is over for another year. What an awesome convention. We hope you all had as much as we did over the two days. Meeting you all was great and getting a few Hellboy posters signed by Ron Perlman was one of the highlights.

We are super happy with the positive feedback we received from you all over our new prints and the new setup of a double table. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our tables and picked up a few prints. We look forward to bringing you even more limited edition prints and collectable memorabilia in the near future.

Now a few months off before the convention season picks up again.